New status of QM Association: We are part of CITA

02.05.2022 | News

The QM Association has been a new member of CITA since May 2022. This step was only logical, as representatives of the association’s members have been actively involved in various CITA committees for many years. Due to the pandemic, the executive committee of the QM Association was only able to set the course for full membership in CITA in March of this year.

Now the QM Association will be even more actively involved in CITA. In implementing the Road Map 2030 project, representatives of the QM Association’s member organisations are already actively involved in various CITA committees. Gerhard Müller, President of CITA, attaches great importance to this involvement. After all, the successful quality assurance in Germany, which is unique in Europe, is a benchmark for many countries. The experiences of the QM Association arouse great interest and are also incorporated into the work of Topic Area E, “Quality, training & confidence”, for example, by people who are directly active in the association, such as the long-standing UN auditor, Mr. Andreas Klocke, or the head of the office, Mr. Viktor Kretzschmann. Currently, an AVIS scoring tool for the evaluation of PTI models is being finalised in cooperation between CITA and TRL (Transport Research Laboratory).

Resumed work

After the general situation has improved somewhat, the temporary waiver of UN audits in connection with the Corona Pandemic has been revoked.

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