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FAQ & Further Links

Definition of frequently used abbreviations:
Unannounced inspection (Unangekündigte Nachkontrolle, UN)
Unannounced inspection of vehicle inspections carried out, during which the auditors carry out a new inspection on this vehicle after the inspection has been completed.
Regional Coordinator (Regionaler Koordinator, RK)
Employee named by a ÜI to control all UN in a defined region
Monitoring institution(Überwachungsinstitution, ÜI)
Officially recognised ÜO or technical inspection body
Working Group Exchange of Experience (Arbeitskreis Erfahrungsaustausch, AKE)
Exchange of experience between all monitoring institutions and management of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA)
Investigating person (Untersuchende Person, UP)
Officially recognised expert or inspector, test engineer (aaSoP or PI)
Investigative body (Untersuchungsstelle, US)
Test centre, test base or test station
Verein für Qualitätsmanagement in der Fahrzeugüberwachung e.V. (QM e. V.)
Central point for objective and neutral evaluation
Verein für Qualitätsmanagement
in der Fahrzeugüberwachung e.V.

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Temporary suspension

This temporary measure is intended to limit contacts in order to help minimise the risk of infection.

Resumed work

After the general situation has improved somewhat, the temporary waiver of UN audits in connection with the Corona Pandemic has been revoked.

Specific situation

Due to the existing situation in connection with the Corona Pandemic, the members of the QM Association have expressed their support for a temporary waiver by the UN.